“I have had the opportunity to work with Joey over the years and on all occasions my clients reinforce what I already knew – he is one of the best speakers and most engaging people you can meet. ‘Highly recommended’ would be an understatement.”

– Gordon Kane, Ascendent Sports Group


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Architecting the Transcendent Performance.

In the 500 meter speedskating event at the 2006 Olympic Games, the final times of the athletes who finished from second to seventh place all fell within one half second of each other.  All were great performances, separated by micro-seconds.  On that day, Joey Cheek won gold, finishing .65 seconds ahead of the entire field, a virtual eternity in a sport measured to the hundredth of a second.  It was the largest margin of victory at that distance in Olympic history.  It was a transcendent performance.

In this presentation, using the actual journal he kept in preparation for the Olympics as the playbook, Cheek outlines the specific, actionable steps he took to create the performance of a lifetime and he demonstrates how these steps can be translated to create peak performance in business.

Leverage can change the world.

There are a few moments in our lives that when properly levered can change the entire world.  In this speech, Cheek details the experiences that led him to one such moment and how the powerful multiplication of the perfect moment and the perfect leverage reached more than +1 billion people.


In an individual sport, the team still reigns supreme.   This speech details the different characters and anecdotes that built towards a world-making performance and the challenges that each individual’s skill brings to bear.

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